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Date Ideas

Updated: May 6

Here are some suggestions based on my interests that I think would make for fun dates! I've included links to places or events that I'd like to attend during a booking. This is not a definitive list though so feel free to suggest something different.

  1. Art Galleries I love visiting the AGO among other galleries so if there's an exhibit you're interested in, I would love to share that experience with you!

  2. Axe Throwing I've never tried this before - would you want to introduce me? It looks fun!

  3. Cirque Du Soleil I've always wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil performance but haven't had the chance yet - would you like to change that? I would show my appreciation with a private demonstration of my flexibility.

  4. Dining Out There's so many options for culinary adventures in Toronto, I'm sure we can satisfy our appetites!

  5. Let's Smash...Stuff! Have you heard of "Rage Rooms"? Maybe not the most typical date idea, but I think it would be a unique experience to share together.

  6. Live Music We could catch a Concert, enjoy ourselves at a Jazz Bar or bond at other live music venues.

  7. Museum Dates I love learning new things so I feel like museum dates are a fun way to learn together!

  8. Painting Together I love doing arts and crafts, it would be really fun to make some art together!

  9. Stand-Up Comedy shows Did you know I've done stand up comedy a couple times? I can share my jokes with you or we could sit back and laugh together at one of the comedy clubs in Toronto!

  10. The Stratford Festival I particularly want to see this year's production of King Lear because Paul Gross will be playing the title character and I'm a fan of his work - especially the show "Slings and Arrows" in which he played the Artistic Director of a theatre festival based on The Stratford Festival (in the show his character directed William Hutt's character as King Lear!)

  11. Toronto International Film Festival I love Cinema so there are few opportunities I find more exciting than attending TIFF! I also enjoy typical movie dates or staying in and cuddling during a movie.

  12. Toronto Outdoor Picture Show Continuing with my love of Cinema, I think this is a romantic date idea: Watching a movie together under the stars. The TOPS has events taking place at Fort York, Corktown Common, Bell Manor Park, and its signature series, Christie Pits Film Festival. Its free and seating is first-come-first-served, so all we need to bring is a blanket/chairs, drinks and snacks.

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