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Guideline for New and Potential Clients

Updated: Jul 22

I receive a good deal of inquiries from potential clients who are new to the sex industry, or who aren’t familiar with booking a Sex Worker in Canada so I decided to type up a list of guidelines and preferences; please read thoroughly. First impressions make all the difference, and following these guidelines is an easy way to make me excited to meet you. However - keep in mind that these are my preferences so don’t assume that they all apply to other sex workers as we're all different.
First Contact: 1. Don’t rush – Please take the time to read through my ad. I make sure to include crucial information, like when and where I’ll be available, links to my website or social media, and my preferred method of contact.
2. Read my website, it will answer many of your questions, including which services I offer and what my rates are. Did you know? I offer a special package for clients who are new to hiring a professional or new to sex in general! Check out my "Patronage" page 3. Wait until you know when and where you would like to meet, how long you want to book me for, and what you want to do together before reaching out to me. If you have a couple of questions that I haven’t already answered on my website, you can email them to me. 4. The best way to make first contact is through email or the contact form on my website. Make sure you provide as much information as possible – when and where you want to meet me, if you need me to host, how long you want to book me for, how you found my ad/website (I'm trying to keep track of which sites are worth paying to post ads on), what kind of experience you're looking for (please don't be too graphic) and some information about yourself. 5. If for whatever reason you cannot email me, please text me. If you absolutely need to talk on the phone, text or email me first. I have a life outside of this and do not need clients calling me without warning. 6. Be patient and understand that it may take time for me to respond. I do not check my phone when I’m with a client, busy visiting my parents, during movies, etc. 7. If there is something specific you want to do, make sure you tell me before we meet. For example, Don't tell me you just want a girlfriend experience-type date, then ask me to dominate you once you arrive or spring "dirty talk" about rape without warning. I've had issues in the past with clients who want to do something during our appointment they never mentioned previously. So please, to avoid any disappointment and discomfort, be upfront and honest about what you want and I will be honest about if I can accommodate you. 8. Never ask me for Bareback Full Service - don't even joke about it.
First Meeting 1. If I’m hosting, please plan ahead to make sure you arrive on time. If you are driving, look up what parking is available nearby – I’ll provide the location of my incall when you book. Allow yourself some extra time to account for traffic or other obstacles. 2. If you are inviting me over for an outcall, please be prepared to provide proof of location. Any information you send me is kept confidential. Please have clean towels available - We will shower together when I arrive so we can have a fresh start to our apartment, and I will need some time before I leave to make myself presentable again. 3. Hygiene is obviously important to me, and its essential for safe sex: stubble and sharp fingernails could cause micro-tears, scratches, or broken skin which leaves me vulnerable to STIs, bacterial infections, etc. It is very important to trim and/or file your nails so they are short and dull. Unless you have a beard/soft facial hair, please shave as close to our appointment as you can to reduce the amount of stubble on your face. While on the subject of grooming, please don’t wear a lot of cologne as I’m scent-sensitive and strong scents make me nauseous. 4. Have payment ready as it is expected upfront. I prefer it when clients put it in an envelope and put it somewhere out in the open. If you want to pay by e-transfer, please send it before arriving and prepare to send the password when you arrive since e-transfer can take some time. 5. All incall clients must take a quick shower and use mouthwash when arriving. 6. Be considerate about time – I don’t want our time together to feel rushed, however there are boundaries we need to be mindful of. When you decide on the length of our booking, consider that you'll need enough time to shower when you arrive as well as enough time to gather yourself and get dressed before leaving (and have another shower if you want) - not to mention the fun in between. 7. Please respect my boundaries – if I tell you I won’t do something, don’t offer me more money to do it, don’t pressure me to do it, don’t ask me to explain why I won’t do it. Please be attentive and considerate, and don’t make me repeat myself. The more comfortable and relaxed I am with you, the more fun the both of us will have. I may add more to this as time goes on so I would recommend keeping an eye on my twitter account for any important announcements. I hope I answered whatever questions you have!

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