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"You look familiar..."

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

This blog is to address two topics: If you recognize me from my former exploits or if you recognize me in public. In case you're thinking I look familiar, its because I used to work under the name "The Sublime Sara". I decided to rebrand for a few reasons, including wanting to turn over a new leaf. I used to market myself with a very gothic aesthetic, however kept getting inquiries from clients who assumed I was offering BDSM services - which I do not. I'm fairly vanilla and wanted to change my work persona to more accurately portray who I am. I also had clients confess they found me intimidating at first and took time before they booked me so one of my goals with this rebrand is to be more approachable.

Secondly - if you see me in public, please do not approach me. You can send me an email or text to say you saw me but for the sake of discretion please do not approach me out in public.

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